Equality Statement

In accordance with the Aikido Alliance insurance directive, the teachers of Tonbo Aikido wish to state:


  • Everyone has the right to live free from abuse or neglect regardless of age, ability or disability, sex, race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, marital or gender status.



  • We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and an open, listening culture where people feel able to share concerns without fear of retribution.



  • We acknowledge that ensuring equality and safeguarding is everybody’s responsibility and are committed to prevent abuse and neglect through safeguarding the welfare of all adults involved.



  • Tonbo Aikido recognise that health, well-being, ability, disability and need for care and support can affect a person’s resilience.  We recognise that some people experience barriers, for example, to communication in raising concerns or seeking help.   We recognise that these factors can vary at different points in people’s lives. We are here to help.



  • We recognise that there is a legal framework within which sports need to work to safeguard adults who have needs for care and support and for protecting those who are unable to take action to protect themselves and will act in accordance with the relevant safeguarding adult legislation and with local statutory safeguarding procedures.


In conclusion Tonbo Aikido is committed to providing a safe and happy training space for all. We will strive to promote equality, embrace diversity and ensure full inclusion,  in the spirit of O-Sensei’s vision for Aikido.